The different types of investments

The different types of investments

Our website presents the main solutions of investment existing.

There are many different investments to each other, which at first can be distinguished in two ways :

The investments at risk,

Investments without risk.

The risk investments are investments that are based either on changing values related to a market such as the stock exchange, either on companies that in the event of bankruptcy would not return the funds. The main investments at risk are stocks and bonds.
There are many safe options that guarantee of interest on a regular basis. However, the gains are sometimes less important than with risky investments. Finally, the main areas of investment considered risk-free are :

The investment bank,

Real estate investments,

Investments in gold,

The different savings,retirement

Life insurance


There are of course many other ways to invest that are less known, such as forestry investment, investment in art or in groupings to land with vineyards.


The investments differ also by the benefits obtained. Some do benefit from the tax advantages are considerable, while others offer a regular pension payments. Sometimes the capital is also blocked for a number of years and the income is generated by capital gains on the resale of the property. In short, it is also important to take into account the duration of the placement. Because, what is your goal : to generate quick profits or save for retirement ?

These pages, therefore, present the main types of investments and investment of money in order to help you in choosing the solution best suited to your needs. Attention, it is necessary to avoid having to take a credit to invest.